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5 Study Tips

5 Study Tips

It is officially holiday season now and that means two things: Fall semester is almost over and FALL SEMESTER IS ALMOST OVER! We are almost done with this semester and that means you get to have a much needed break, but before that break we have finals. Finals is a dreaded word in the college community. It is usually associated with drinking too much coffee and cramming everything you possibly can before the big day! Today I will give you some of my study tips that I find helpful and easy.

1. Start as Soon as Possible 

I really mean this! You might think you can cram every last detail into your head the night before, but we both know you can't so don't even try. Start now! The more time you put between you and your final the more time you have to set aside to study and the less stressed out you will be. So grab a coffee and start studying!

2. Rewrite Your Notes

This is a very proven method to studying. The more you write you notes the more your mind will remember because it is using muscle memory and repetition. You can do it as many times as you want but once should be enough (If you need more, don't worry. We all learn in different ways). Just remember to put a little time into it and make it look appealing. You will want to bring your notes out and study them if they look nice!

3. Visual Aids 

Visual aid will be your friend. Most people are visual learners, so seeing what is being talked about can really help your understanding of the subject. The good thing is that we have Youtube. I strongly suggest you find some Youtube videos (that are legit) and watch animations or visual aids to really help you understand and evolve your knowledge on the topic. If you are in an anatomy class like me, visual aids are almost required for the course, because how else will you know where and what the bones and muscles are? Youtube video are strongly encouraged! 

4. Flash Cards 

Flash card have become pretty overrated since you left middle school, but they are a wonderful studying tool and help reenforce the information. Repetition is key! The more you go over the information the better. Flash cards can be taken with you anywhere. You just stick them in your bag and whip them out when you have some spare time. Just make sure you don't get neon ones. They look like a good idea but they are not easy to look at (Trust me!). Also, make sure you can't see through them, you don't want to cheat yourself out of all this work and knowledge. 

5. Make associations

When you associate the word with something, it become easier to remember. I am notorious at doing this and it is also how I became such a good test taker. Taking tests can stress you out and leave your mind blank, but if you associate the word with something you are likely to jog your memory and get momentum once your gears start spinning. An example is that that your major calf muscle is gastrocnemius and you flex your calf to press the gas pedal. This little association will help you remember what things are or what they do or where they are located. Now you know what your major calf muscle is and every time you press your gas pedal you will (hopefully) remember. 

Let me know what your favorite studying tips are and leave them in the comments! We want to share our knowledge!


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