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Christmas Tree Shopping

Christmas Tree Shopping

Christmas Tree Shopping can be hard! I have put some tips on how to pick a Christmas tree that will last this Christmas season. 

Step 1: Know What You Like

We like Nobles, but some people like Douglas Firs, and Nordmann Fir (Which looks like a mix between the two with a hint of frosted tips). Pick which one you like and you will be golden.

Step 2: Know The Height You Want 

You don't want to be like buddy the elf trying to get the star on the tree, so make sure you measure the height and width of where you would like your tree to go. Write it down! You don't want to second guess yourself and have a huge tree that barely fits.

Step 3: Check Freshness 

Freshness is important. We all want a tree that looks beautiful through the Christmas season and doesn't look like a fire danger. For nobles you are going to pinch you fingers on a stem and push against the grain. You should see one to two needles come off. Anymore and its too dry. For Douglas Firs needles should snap when you bend them. 

These steps should help you pick a tree that you will love and that will last you through the Christmas season. 

Tips for When Your Tree is Home:

1. Make sure you keep it watered!!! This is super important!

2. Before you put you tree in the stand cut off about a half of an inch and drill a hole into the middle. This will let your tree shrink more water. (Many places can do this for you)

Below I have a little clip of us buying and decorating our tree. Its not the most extravagant tree but it reminds me of when I was little and I think this time of season should remind you of your childhood. 

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