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I'm Coming Back!

This is the first of my diary posts, where I share my thoughts on things happening in my life. 

I know it has been over seven months since I posted something on my blog and I'm truly sorry. I have been just not feeling the creative spirit. I have not really been involved in social media either and I'm trying to get back into it. I was waiting for the creativeness to come back to me, but I realized I need to go out a get it back by diving head first and just do work. 

So for now on I will try to get new content out as much as I can. It might take a few weeks till I get a schedule going, but I will put effort into this and continue it because I really enjoy it. 

Sorry that this diary post is short and more of an apology than anything else. But I am motivated to keep this blog going and do it because I love it. 

Thank you for reading!




Road Trip to Seattle

Road Trip to Seattle