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Road Trip to Seattle

Road Trip to Seattle

We recently went on a road trip to Seattle from San Diego and it was a journey. 

Day 1

The morning of was a little on the late side, since I had to work till 9pm the night before. A quick stop at Walmart to grab some last minute things as well as some Starbucks and we were off and ready to go. Our plan was to take the coast most of the way up, but unfortunately the road through Big Sur was closed due to a huge mud slide from earlier this year. So off we took the 5 freeway till we finally reached our destination for the night: Sunset Beach State Park. We were welcomed by dense fog and I didn't expect anything else since were were close to San Francisco. We set up camp and then immediately went to the beach to get in some exercise and photography. It was much needed after a 7 hour drive. As we walked along the beach we began to see birds flying in huge clusters and before we knew it there were millions of them swarming a mile out at sea. It was the craziest thing and we were in total awe. 

Day 2

The beginning of this day was very slow as we were stuck in traffic through San Francisco. But it was amazing to cross over the golden gate bridge. We had to make another detour as there was a lot of construction on the coast highways. But when we did get to drive along the coast, it was gorgeous. I had to keep telling Matt to keep his eyes on the road. Finally we made it to Fort Bragg, we were starving and in no mood to cook up a campfire diner (It can take forever). We found a cute little burger place and had some burgers and brews (Well Matt had brews, I had a coke). We could have just been extremely hungry, but the burgers were delicious. Driving back to camp the sun began to set, so we pulled over to a beach and snapped a few shots. It was absolutely beautiful. 

Day 3 

Started off with some Starbucks again (we found out that instant coffee is terrible). Heading off along the coast and man it was beautiful. As we followed the coast highways, which would be by the coast and then turn inland over and over. We constantly were putting jackets on and off as we drove. Until we finally reached Brookings, Oregon. It was a nice 84 degrees and wonderfully sunny. The camp ground was beautiful and well kept. The place had gorgeous cliffs that lead down the the beach and it was by far my favorite place. 

Day 4

I was devastated to leave Oregon. We decided to fill up the gas tank before we left and quickly got yelled at for trying to pump our own gas (Its illegal to pump your own gas in Oregon). We were baffled and continued to discuss how weird it was to have it be illegal. We went through Portland and then finally made it to Washington (where we could pump our own gas again). We where in the middle of the city on a little state park that was close to an airport, but it was nice. Unfortunately by this time, we were tired and stressed and that night didn't help. We got into the camper for the night to have it reek of gas the whole time. We had to have the windows open all night so we didn't suffocate, but I froze my ass off. I was so over Washington already.

Day 5 

Seattle was gorgeous and amazing but having two small town kids in a big city just doesn't work. We went to REI (It is their flagship store and Matt loves REI) and it was really cool. We got a lot of great tips about what to do from one of the workers there. We set off to grab some pizza and found a little hole in the wall place that had great reviews. While we munched on some pizza we had a crazy thought to just drive back home in one night and so we set off: To drive into the night.

Night 5 and Day 6

We took turns driving and sleeping and stoped just to pee, grab some gas, and food. and we drove and drove and drove. Staying of the 5 freeway the whole time and making sure we didn't fall asleep at the wheel. I was driving when the night sky disappeared into a warm orange of the morning and I knew we were almost home. We arrived at home at 10 in the morning and man were we beat. Our pockets were empty, but we were full in adventure. 


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